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The Vedic literature states that the index of happiness of human civilisation can be gauged by the way they treat the following constituents:
  • Elderly and the aged
  • Women
  • Children
  • Spiritual preachers and the brahminical class
  • Cows
Indian history and culture is emotively charged with the concept of nurturing and protecting cows as “Go-mata” meaning mother cow and is quite literally worshiped as ‘Kamdhenu’ – the cow of plenty. It's milk provides sustenance to virtually every Indian – rich or poor. Cow milk is considered a symbol of parental devotion, well-being and health, even spiritual purity and strength.Nearly 63% of animal protein in the Indian diet comes from dairy products. For vegetarians, there is simply no alternative. 
India has been the home to some of the most varied stocks of cows in the world. India is the world’s largest producer of milk!  The importance of cows to India’s economy therefore just cannot be overestimated!
Sadly the cow is neglected, undernourished, even persecuted by unscrupulous traders of cow-flesh and leather/hide traders. The other catastrophic mistake has been the cross-breeding with imported bulls and semen, in order to increase the milk-yield.
Did you know that in the next decade, India could well be on its way to becoming a net-importer of milk? All this despite having the largest population of cows in the world!
Let us get involved in saving mother cow, looking after her well-being and nurturing her through a one-on-one relation till end-of-life. This is the essence of the Indian culture and ethos! To care for Go-mata, our worshipable deity of compassion and love!
To the degree we get involved in this noble endeavour, we will be a part of the solution and bring upon humankind auspiciousness and good fortune. Our rewards in life depend on the quality and amount of contributions we make to this world.  
1. To connect compassionate friends of cows and the primary care-providers of cows, who believe that cows and bulls need protection and care not just in their productive life but till their end-of-life.
2. To create a platform for friends of cows to adopt a cow/s, and to facilitate a one-to-one relation between the donor and the cow.
3. To facilitate the relationship between the donor and the goshala (the institution that gives complete shelter to the cows and bulls) and to ensure that timely information about the sponsored cow is given to the donor/sponsor.
4. Help goshalas to upgrade infrastructure/ facility and provide the best treatment both in terms of nourishment and healthcare to the cows and bulls.
5. Help goshalas in marketing cow products thereby attain sustainable development within reasonable time
6. To connect to more and more goshalas and provide access to funds, technology and provide management and administrative help to the care providers
7. To arrange farm visits for donors/prospective donors and ensure proper communication and feedback between donors and the goshala administrators

Protect Cow

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