Ahimsa Milk

Ahimsa in the Sanskrit means non-violence. Violence is never appreciated in civilized circles. Be it a human, an animal or tree or any living entity. It causes from the basic defect of self centeredness and egotism. Any sane person can introspect and retrospect what violence means and the meaning is obvious. Yet we find so much violence in the society today even for such a basic need as satisfaction of the palate. Do we need that other creatures suffer for our palate? Can we imagine ourselves being prey for some other alien creature? If we plan so much for our security, why not we acknowledge the same need for the poor animals? Is it not abuse, hostility, hard heartedness? It is definitely!!

Talking about Ahimsa Milk, we should acknowledge first of all the importance of the Cow for the mankind. We respect our parents because they gave us birth and cares for us, provides for our necessities while they toil for our well being. If we can acknowledge it to humans, thinking a little ahead do we need not consider the Cow who gives us milk and the bull our father? Is it not violence to milk the cows to death using all kinds of torturous means using machines and send them to slaughter houses as soon as they turn unproductive? Is it not violence to send the newly born male calves and bulls to the butcher to taste our hamburgers? Do we really think before we taste? Wait!! Pause a while before you act and you can judge for yourself! Do we really know how the cows and bulls are treated before their products land up in our dishes? Most of the reality is gruesome. Yet some of us may put a deaf ear saying “I am not responsible or what’s wrong. After all I need to live!” It needs some common sense and humanness to acknowledge the reality.

Now, how do I get milk without killing the cow or the bull? Yes, practically the whole dairy industry is commercialized and a lot of things are out of control. Yet one must know the simple principle of demand and supply. But is it viable? It may be not. Therefore this article is to create awareness and thought in the readers to tax their brains to come up with solutions. If everyone can join, we can make a difference. The dairy industry exists because of demand. If all the customers demand Ahimsa milk, they have to supply it. Their principle is “More Milk = More Profit”. After all they need to make money. Only because of greed the dairy industry slaughters innocent cows, calves and bulls. Did our ancestors not live without killing calves and eating hamburgers? They lived healthier than we do today. It’s clear if we read the history pages.

The Ahimsa Standard: No Slaughter of Cows, Calves & Bulls; Cows to graze freely; Cows cared for life

What are ‘You’ doing? Yes, in our own way we said ‘No’ to any milk other than “Ahimsa Milk”. We drink if we get it and we don’t if we don’t get it. That’s all. Everyone may not be able to take such a leap. Yet, if we keep trying, working we may find a solution. Nothing is impossible for good. We have to be optimistic and rightly motivated. For example, in our GEV, we have a total of 75 cows, calves and bulls. We have excellent facilities for their residence, free space for moving, nutritious meal twice a day, nice grasses all day – wet and dry. Cows go out for grazing in the morning and evening. Bulls free to move. Calves play happily. Old bulls ruminate in their apartments. It is possible if every one of us come together and supports the cause.

If tomorrow you could able to buy slaughter-free milk in super markets at an affordable price, how many of you would buy it? This is what is invited.


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