The livestock that cares

Cows are not only a life-long refuge for all of us but are a major determinant of our health and in some cases, wealth too. Apart from the age-old Hindu rituals of feeding and worshipping cows, almost 80% of India’s economy is still hugely dependent upon them for various needs. Be it the health industry or the cosmetic industry, the major part of livestock and the future of India, still rests peacefully in the service of the cow.

Fossil Fuels or Fodder eaters

Energy is the hottest topic under discussion among all circles today. Whole world is shaken and fearful about this single, most unwanted, yet imminent reality. While we boast of our so called advancement based on this single but limited, shaky, non renewable resource, nature is gradually revealing to those who are alert that it’s high time that we shift our endeavors to a more viable way that loves the nature and that should be productive to the living force. A little more sentient class however has tried to investigate the roots of the crisis tree, only to find the rotten reality, Greed. We have abandoned, abused and abased our most reliable and resourceful companion, the Cow.


Ahimsa Milk

Ahimsa in the Sanskrit means non-violence. Violence is never appreciated in civilized circles. Be it a human, an animal or tree or any living entity. It causes from the basic defect of self centeredness and egotism. Any sane person can introspect and retrospect what violence means and the meaning is obvious. Yet we find so much violence in the society today even for such a basic need as satisfaction of the palate. Do we need that other creatures suffer for our palate? Can we imagine ourselves being prey for some other alien creature? If we plan so much for our security, why not we acknowledge the same need for the poor animals? Is it not abuse, hostility, hard heartedness? It is definitely!!


Ecosystem & Harmony

By nature’s own arrangement life is interdependent amongst different species of which we humans are a part. If we have to survive and flourish we should wish the same with our fellow beings. For example, if we look at our food requirement, there is an inseparable role of cattle in the miraculous chain of sun to grass and then to human food which is given free of cost for all.


Bull power to solve modern power crisis/ bull Power looks better

Most of the power that we use in our daily life is coming from the non-renewable energy sources like petroleum and coal, which are limited in the nature. With depleting natural resources and consequent increase in prices of all essentials, scientists are looking for the alternative energy source in the wind, tides and so on with not much feasible solution.


Ahimsa towards Cows – Idea or Ideology?

Ahimsa means non-violence. According to the Vedic understanding not only does that apply to human beings but all the living entities. The concept of Ahimsa is followed to develop compassion in the heart. This serves as an important principle to rise from an attitude of selfishness to that of selflessness, to celebrate others’ success and share their sorrow. This is very much an important principle in human life for peaceful coexistence with men and nature, a major pillar of religious life. (more…)

Mother Cow in Vedic Scriptures

Mother Cow has been an inseparable part of human existence since ages. She is such a being that is most dear to the human being than any other animal in the entire ecology over the planet. She is the sign of prosperity and happiness, the emblem of motherhood and religious life, which is essential for all civilized beings on the planet earth. Her contribution to our existence and happiness is invaluable.


What’s there in the Cow for Me!!

One might wonder why cows are under discussion, as in the Vedic times cows held important position in society and every house would have at least few cows & bulls. Actually cows & bulls were treated as family members as they would care for & provide for the whole family. In the current society we miss the importance of cows may be because we have adopted modern means of sustenance. We think cows only provide milk and therefore we take them as burden as soon as they seem to drift away from our interests. But actual wealth that cows provide is manifold. (more…)

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