The livestock that cares

Cows are not only a life-long refuge for all of us but are a major determinant of our health and in some cases, wealth too. Apart from the age-old Hindu rituals of feeding and worshipping cows, almost 80% of India’s economy is still hugely dependent upon them for various needs. Be it the health industry or the cosmetic industry, the major part of livestock and the future of India, still rests peacefully in the service of the cow. The religious interaction, even if kept aside for a while cannot deny the socio-economic aspects of a cow’s importance. The very-much-in news Food Security itself places a huge onus on the livestock of our country. The multi functionality of livestock is an essential component to agriculture and achieving income security in a world that is fast developing. In fact, studies have gone ahead to prove a major point in the field of women empowerment by mentioning the fact that those women who own livestock are witnessing improvement in their social status. The afore mentioned points bear strong relevance to the present conservatory practices which needs to be taken care of, for the ecological balance that has appeared as a major challenge and to that which the cows can contribute a great deal in defeating. Let us from today; keep in mind the value of biodiversity of cattle as the improved efficiency of the livestock biodiversity as a whole needs to become a priority for all of...

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Fossil Fuels or Fodder eaters

Energy is the hottest topic under discussion among all circles today. Whole world is shaken and fearful about this single, most unwanted, yet imminent reality. While we boast of our so called advancement based on this single but limited, shaky, non renewable resource, nature is gradually revealing to those who are alert that it’s high time that we shift our endeavors to a more viable way that loves the nature and that should be productive to the living force. A little more sentient class however has tried to investigate the roots of the crisis tree, only to find the rotten reality, Greed. We have abandoned, abused and abased our most reliable and resourceful companion, the Cow. Until the 19th Century, most of our energy was renewable, based on animals, humans, wood, a little wind and water. For millennia animals were used to pull carts, loads and people, haul water, harvest, plough and weed crop fields. Even now more than half the world’s population depends upon animal power. They especially prove economical and viable for small scale operations of farming, transport etc. In fact, for small scale farms, oxen do better than tractors. There is no requirement of fuel unlike the tractors since they produce their own fuel. It’s a systematic process of symbiotic recycling, where their food is aided from the very waste they produce and that too organically, with no harm to the environment in the slightest regard. Thanks to the industrial revolution, the monster of machinery has its jaws wide open to swallow up the oil. For decades however, we did not notice it a bit. We have sent our friends to the slaughter houses thinking them of no use in front of our modern companions, the tractors. Along with them we have also abandoned our humanness. But how far have we advanced? Have we actually advanced in the first place? Or, did we lose our ground? Common sense proves the latter to be true. Now, however, when we have started feeling the heat of this burning problem, we slowly yet surely understand what mess we have landed ourselves into. When the environmentalists started screaming, some of us heard the commotion. We must understand there is an imminent need for cow protection, which is the very lifeline of our human society. We need them and they need us too. It’s time to share our care. So many units all over the world have already started doing it. Let’s make our efforts too and not aggravate the situation any...

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Ahimsa Milk

Ahimsa in the Sanskrit means non-violence. Violence is never appreciated in civilized circles. Be it a human, an animal or tree or any living entity. It causes from the basic defect of self centeredness and egotism. Any sane person can introspect and retrospect what violence means and the meaning is obvious. Yet we find so much violence in the society today even for such a basic need as satisfaction of the palate. Do we need that other creatures suffer for our palate? Can we imagine ourselves being prey for some other alien creature? If we plan so much for our security, why not we acknowledge the same need for the poor animals? Is it not abuse, hostility, hard heartedness? It is definitely!! Talking about Ahimsa Milk, we should acknowledge first of all the importance of the Cow for the mankind. We respect our parents because they gave us birth and cares for us, provides for our necessities while they toil for our well being. If we can acknowledge it to humans, thinking a little ahead do we need not consider the Cow who gives us milk and the bull our father? Is it not violence to milk the cows to death using all kinds of torturous means using machines and send them to slaughter houses as soon as they turn unproductive? Is it not violence to send the newly born male calves and bulls to the butcher to taste our hamburgers? Do we really think before we taste? Wait!! Pause a while before you act and you can judge for yourself! Do we really know how the cows and bulls are treated before their products land up in our dishes? Most of the reality is gruesome. Yet some of us may put a deaf ear saying “I am not responsible or what’s wrong. After all I need to live!” It needs some common sense and humanness to acknowledge the reality. Now, how do I get milk without killing the cow or the bull? Yes, practically the whole dairy industry is commercialized and a lot of things are out of control. Yet one must know the simple principle of demand and supply. But is it viable? It may be not. Therefore this article is to create awareness and thought in the readers to tax their brains to come up with solutions. If everyone can join, we can make a difference. The dairy industry exists because of demand. If all the customers demand Ahimsa milk, they have to supply it. Their principle is “More Milk = More Profit”. After all they need to make money. Only because of greed the dairy industry slaughters innocent cows, calves and bulls. Did our ancestors not live without killing calves and eating hamburgers? They lived healthier than we do today. It’s clear if we read the history pages. The Ahimsa Standard: No Slaughter of Cows, Calves & Bulls; Cows to graze freely; Cows cared for life What are ‘You’ doing? Yes, in our own way we said ‘No’ to any milk other than “Ahimsa Milk”. We drink if we get it and we don’t if we don’t get it. That’s all. Everyone may not be able to take such a leap. Yet, if we keep trying, working we may find a solution. Nothing is impossible for good. We have to be optimistic and rightly motivated. For example, in our GEV, we have a total of 75 cows, calves and bulls. We have excellent facilities for their residence, free space for moving, nutritious meal twice a day, nice grasses all day – wet and dry. Cows go out for grazing in the morning and evening. Bulls free to move. Calves play happily. Old bulls ruminate in their apartments. It is possible if every one of us come together and supports the cause. If tomorrow you could able to buy slaughter-free milk in super markets at an affordable price, how many of you would buy it? This is what is invited....

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Ecosystem & Harmony

By nature’s own arrangement life is interdependent amongst different species of which we humans are a part. If we have to survive and flourish we should wish the same with our fellow beings. For example, if we look at our food requirement, there is an inseparable role of cattle in the miraculous chain of sun to grass and then to human food which is given free of cost for all. Recycle of Agricultural waste Solar energy is basis for life on earth.  The sun’s rays, striking vast acres of pasture and waste land energizes the grasses and other forages to grow.  Cattle then feed on this, which would otherwise be of no food value to humans, and transform it into flavorful, healthy diet. Cattle, especially the Cows and bulls are unique and natural recyclers of organic wastes from the produce and process of grains, fruits, vegetables, and other foodstuffs. More than half the dry matter produced by crops is inedible to humans. Cattle feed on them and there is no problem of dispose.  Moreover, they are sources of nutrient and protein. We just need to follow the rules of the ecosystem and be conscious not to unsettle the other living beings but befriend them. Ruminant Recycle In Planned Grazing, all the manure goes from the ruminant to the ground, where it is dung beetles, earthworms and other soil biota breed on, transforming it into stable soil organic carbon Thus, it can be seen, cattle enhance man’s ability to solve the growing food crisis. E.g. the cows give milk, bulls help in tilling land, and their manure is used as fertilizer to the agricultural fields and so on. By adopting contemporary techniques like stall feeding where the animals are feed without their normal movement in the pastures, the effect is shared both by them and their owners. Dairy producers know that comfortable cows give more milk. Cows comfort also affects the health of the cow’s organs – feet, legs, udders, teats etc and also their eating habits, feed intake, fertility, and longevity, which in turn affects productivity During recycle, the leftovers from stall fed grasses and the manure are discarded without the opportunity for soil life forms to perform their manifold beneficial functions, stable storage of carbon from photosynthesis, performing methanotrophy by eliminating the methane from atmosphere, feeding the soil biota essential for a healthy grassland ecosystem, and enhancing new grasses to begin the cycle, thus breaking the natural biological cycle, impeding the soil. In conclusion, the flourish of ecosystem is interdependent and is very much affect by the intervention of man in it. We are the ones to walk into the future while trying to balance at the present.  ...

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Bull power to solve modern power crisis/ bull Power looks better

Most of the power that we use in our daily life is coming from the non-renewable energy sources like petroleum and coal, which are limited in the nature. With depleting natural resources and consequent increase in prices of all essentials, scientists are looking for the alternative energy source in the wind, tides and so on with not much feasible solution. Why not we look at the traditional way of Indian culture which satisfied the energy needs of the society since ages? The ancient wisdom allowed the people to look in the much larger picture than just at the immediate solution. The traditional Indian culture views this world as the perfect creation of God where the needs of all the living entities are provided for with least effort. Humans can satisfy all their needs from the nature in a sustainable way by being in harmony with the nature. Isopanisad says “One may aspire to live for hundreds of years if he continuously goes on working in that way, for that sort of work will not bind him. There is no alternative to this way for man.” Even the science agrees on the inherent inter-relation between various life forms, for example the carbon-dioxide released by animals is used by plants for preparing food for the animals. Traditional culture recognizes the inter-relation between the cows and the humans. For ages Indians used the bulls as the source of the power for various types of work. Bulls are easy to be trained and have tremendous strength to do many types of work. Even today we can see the use of bull for farming, even though in decline. Bulls can carry load as much as two tons for 20 to 30km per day. Traditionally bulls were also used for husking paddy, extracting oil in the oil-mills. Bull power can also be used for drawing water from the wells, making natural cement, bricks etc. Apart from this the cow dung is traditionally used as the natural fertilizer, the cow dung cakes for cooking. Now-a-days the development of Animal Driven Prime mover also proves the effectiveness of using bull power. In spite of so many advantages there is a decreasing usage of bull power even in the rural villages, trying to imitate the city life style based on the depleting oil resources. Due to lack of proper awareness of advantages of bulls and the mass propaganda for the machine based farming, even villages are giving up the traditional sustainable source of the power, even though research proves farming with bulls is better than with machines. We being carried away by the temporary advantages of the non-renewable sources are destroying the traditional sustainable sources. We may not possibly shift to the rural setup immediately giving up all the modern comforts but let’s give encouragement to the existing rural village to maintain the culture for, one day it can save the humanity from...

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Ahimsa towards Cows – Idea or Ideology?

Ahimsa means non-violence. According to the Vedic understanding not only does that apply to human beings but all the living entities. The concept of Ahimsa is followed to develop compassion in the heart. This serves as an important principle to rise from an attitude of selfishness to that of selflessness, to celebrate others’ success and share their sorrow. This is very much an important principle in human life for peaceful coexistence with men and nature, a major pillar of religious life. Universal fraternity should include all living beings and not be limited to a particular sect. of course we may not go and kiss a tiger or pat a snake! Yet we can understand that there is spirit inside every living being and that we have to give them the due respect. Cows and Bulls are an inseparable part of human existence since ages in the traditional culture. World peace is possible when there is peace at home. These are the peaceful animals in the range of any human’s vision. If one cannot be peaceful for them, how can one be peaceful for other living beings? Moreover they supply us with various needs to live in this world, with their Milk and work. Traditionally the success of a society or country is rated in regards to the happiness of cows, wise men and saintly persons. Why? Saints and the intelligent class are the head of the society and the cows provide food for the belly which will nourish the brain. So they both ought to be happy in all circumstances for our well being. Throughout the scriptures we see the cow as a symbol of peace and compassion. It is ironical that the same being is the target of violence and harassment for so many unspoken purposes driven out of greed and hypocrisy. Yet we support our stance and contend quoting economic growth as the accelerator and GDP to be our destiny. Did we succeed in our attempts to be happy by prospering at the cost of poor animals’ lives? We boast ourselves to be among the top exporters and efficient in utilizing live stock. We may have made a lot of living. Did we make it to life? Are we intelligent at the first place? How much have we accelerated our own destruction causing environmental and internal pollution in the near past? How can we be happy killing our poor brothers to satisfy our palate and to fill our pockets? We need to change our strategies, our stances. We are not bereft of ideas and options. We are intelligent beings and there is enough way out. So, let us join together to start protecting the innocent beings, especially the cows and the bulls the mother and father of mankind. Let us be the change we want to be. Let us adopt or at least support who protect Cows and Bulls. Then we can automatically achieve world peace and inner peace even without the help of united efforts by...

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