Mother Cow in Vedic Scriptures

Mother Cow has been an inseparable part of human existence since ages. She is such a being that is most dear to the human being than any other animal in the entire ecology over the planet. She is the sign of prosperity and happiness, the emblem of motherhood and religious life, which is essential for all civilized beings on the planet earth. Her contribution to our existence and happiness is invaluable. Serving and protecting cows is not only a religious but an essential element for all humanity.  Our scriptures glorify the greatness of cows in innumerable voices. The Bhagavad-Gita describes all the Upanishads as cows and the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna the cow herd boy and the devotee Arjuna the calf. Cow gives Milk only when there is affection for the calf like our mother gives us milk out of affection. But the specialty of the cow is that she not only gives milk for her calf, but also the surplus milk for us, which can meet all our needs in excess. Therefore there are 4 nipples for the Cows generally, 2 for the calf and 2 for us. The Milk of the Cow is considered the liquid form of religion, which when taken in the right spirit and in the right way can make the human life beneficial and successful for oneself and everyone around. Therefore the cow is described as one of the seven mothers that any human has in the Vedas. The seven mothers are: the mother who gives birth, the nurse at the time of birth, a Brahmin’s wife, the queen, the spiritual master’s wife and the Cow. That is why she is called Go-mata. Following are a few references from scriptures on Mother Cow: Cow is a wish fulfiller: O Bharata, nothing is rare for a devotee of the cow. Whatever such devotee desire, they achieve. O Bharata, a lady who is devoted to the cow can have her desires fulfilled by the cow’s mercy One who desires a son or a daughter, one who desires wealth, one who desires piety, and one who desires knowledge – all can get their desires fulfilled by the mercy of the cow – Mahabharata, Anushashana Parva 83.50-52 Cow is essential for our existence!! Cow is the personification of Motherly energy. The day when there will be no more cows left in this world, it will be bereft of a mother and thus no other living entities will survive. – Mahabharata, Anushashana Parva 145 Happiness is never separated from a person with a cow The great sage Vashista said, “As the pious deeds of an intelligent person are never separated from him, the cow that awards happiness cannot be separated from me – Valmiki Ramayana It is therefore essential that we understand and encourage others about her importance and prosper in all walks of life and make this world a better place to live in for us, our neighbors and the future generations.  ...

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What’s there in the Cow for Me!!

One might wonder why cows are under discussion, as in the Vedic times cows held important position in society and every house would have at least few cows & bulls. Actually cows & bulls were treated as family members as they would care for & provide for the whole family. In the current society we miss the importance of cows may be because we have adopted modern means of sustenance. We think cows only provide milk and therefore we take them as burden as soon as they seem to drift away from our interests. But actual wealth that cows provide is manifold.

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