Fossil Fuels or Fodder eaters

Energy is the hottest topic under discussion among all circles today. Whole world is shaken and fearful about this single, most unwanted, yet imminent reality. While we boast of our so called advancement based on this single but limited, shaky, non renewable resource, nature is gradually revealing to those who are alert that it’s high time that we shift our endeavors to a more viable way that loves the nature and that should be productive to the living force. A little more sentient class however has tried to investigate the roots of the crisis tree, only to find the rotten reality, Greed. We have abandoned, abused and abased our most reliable and resourceful companion, the Cow.

Until the 19th Century, most of our energy was renewable, based on animals, humans, wood, a little wind and water. For millennia animals were used to pull carts, loads and people, haul water, harvest, plough and weed crop fields. Even now more than half the world’s population depends upon animal power. They especially prove economical and viable for small scale operations of farming, transport etc. In fact, for small scale farms, oxen do better than tractors. There is no requirement of fuel unlike the tractors since they produce their own fuel. It’s a systematic process of symbiotic recycling, where their food is aided from the very waste they produce and that too organically, with no harm to the environment in the slightest regard.

Thanks to the industrial revolution, the monster of machinery has its jaws wide open to swallow up the oil. For decades however, we did not notice it a bit. We have sent our friends to the slaughter houses thinking them of no use in front of our modern companions, the tractors. Along with them we have also abandoned our humanness. But how far have we advanced? Have we actually advanced in the first place? Or, did we lose our ground? Common sense proves the latter to be true. Now, however, when we have started feeling the heat of this burning problem, we slowly yet surely understand what mess we have landed ourselves into. When the environmentalists started screaming, some of us heard the commotion.
We must understand there is an imminent need for cow protection, which is the very lifeline of our human society. We need them and they need us too. It’s time to share our care. So many units all over the world have already started doing it. Let’s make our efforts too and not aggravate the situation any further.

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