Lecture by H.D.G Srila Prabhupada At Paris

Srila Prabhupada

This is a conversation with His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Recorded on 11th June 1974 in Paris, France

When the chief of the Law House of Paris met him, Srila Prabhupada said we are also lawyers like in the Legislative Assembly not in the material sense, but we know the law of God. When people become lawful  they also do activity and follow the law of God, the activities such as chanting the Holy Name of Lord so people may hear and their hearts may cleanse and they may try to understand what is God.

The Chief asked about Christianity.

Srila Prabhupada answered,  “ Christianity also tries to understand God and we are also trying to understand God, not only understand, we trying harder to understand what is God, we have a holy book call Bhagavat Gita, we do not have only political programme but we have political, economical, intellectual, and ordinary programmes.

 In our body there are four divisions, the Head, the Arms, the Belly and the Legs, so this is complete. Head is the most important division – if we cut the head then everything is finished, therefore the Head must be there. It means first class intelligent men. If his qualification is taken he is useless so there must be four division of the society :

 1) The First class man 2) The second class man 3) The Third Class man and rest forth class men.

The first class man should be self restrained, should have control over the senses with this qualification one can become first class men they should be directors and be the brain of society, the defect of the modern society is that there is no first class brain so there is the need of the qualified first class men to live in society. So the Head is the first class.

 The next class is Arms meaning protector; administrator or Kshatriyas.Their qualification is determination, power, generosity, and leadership.

The next class is Vaishyas who do business and the last class is Sudra who are laborersand do service to others.

At the present moment, people are engaged in service in factories. In a democracy the leaders are elected by the fourth class men so the leaders are also forth class men. The forth class men cannot appreciate the first class men and there is a lacking of second-class men. In the present moment the whole world is managed by forth class men.

It is a movement to qualify men into their respective position. At the present moment, fourth-class men are occupying the place of first class men. We require all four classes to maintain the world as we compare it with our body. Our body requires a Head, arms, belly and legs in the same way society also requires all four classes.

Further the chief asked about our books, Srila Prabhupada said we have total 80 books starting from ABCD level  till P.H.D. level and our books have been accepted all over the world and in America in big universities and libraries.

We are vegetarian and our main food is grain, milk and sugar so our recommendation is do not kill the cow. Cow milk has lot of nutrients and out of milk we can make hundreds of products. We are making propagation that the keep the cow and protect the cow and have more consumption of cow milk.

 In our New Vrindavan temple we get 1000 pounds of milk everyday. One of our programs is to stop killing cow for flesh. Why should we maintain a slaughter house?

This is the cruelest act. The animal who gives milk according the Vedic scripture there are seven Mothers and Cow is one of them because she gives milk and if we protect the cow, Krishna will bless us and will shower his mercy upon us.

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