Some Interesting facts from Research


1. The organic treatments resulted in a higher soil fertility capacity and in crops with higher quality protein, a higher starch content, and a greater ability to tolerate stressful conditions and long-term storage in comparison with the inorganic treatments. Furthermore, the crops produced in the organic treatments developed a structure that can be studied through a picture formation method (Crystallization with CuCl2). This has also been described as a higher organizational level which is evident in terms of both soil and crop formation as a result of the long-term effects of organic manure compared with conventional NPK-fertilizer.

2. People who want to know the facts, truth and Health benefits of Organic foods in the very remote farming villages must travel here to find out how foods and fruits taste in those areas. Scarcely would one find diseases like hypertension etc in those remote. In simple knowledge Organic foods have long shelve life

3. There is no synthetic pesticide that does not affect the environment in a negative way

4. Cow Dung protects from Radioactive Rays

5. Cow Milk protects from Nuclear Radiation

6. By burning cow ghee + rice + cow dung releases Ethylene oxide (C2H40), Propylene  oxide  (CH3CHCH2O) and Formaldehyde (CH2O) which causes to produce rain

7. Burning 10 grams of Ghee produce 1 ton of Oxygen

8. Go-Arkha contains Nitrogen, Carbolic acids, Lactose, Sulphur, Copper, Manganese,Potassium, Ammonia, Urea which is useful in medicine to cure lot of diseases

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