The livestock that cares

Cows are not only a life-long refuge for all of us but are a major determinant of our health and in some cases, wealth too. Apart from the age-old Hindu rituals of feeding and worshipping cows, almost 80% of India’s economy is still hugely dependent upon them for various needs. Be it the health industry or the cosmetic industry, the major part of livestock and the future of India, still rests peacefully in the service of the cow.

The religious interaction, even if kept aside for a while cannot deny the socio-economic aspects of a cow’s importance. The very-much-in news Food Security itself places a huge onus on the livestock of our country. The multi functionality of livestock is an essential component to agriculture and achieving income security in a world that is fast developing. In fact, studies have gone ahead to prove a major point in the field of women empowerment by mentioning the fact that those women who own livestock are witnessing improvement in their social status.

The afore mentioned points bear strong relevance to the present conservatory practices which needs to be taken care of, for the ecological balance that has appeared as a major challenge and to that which the cows can contribute a great deal in defeating. Let us from today; keep in mind the value of biodiversity of cattle as the improved efficiency of the livestock biodiversity as a whole needs to become a priority for all of us.

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